Scattered Thoughts

_ _ _

the way a stone misses the earth it was pulled from, the way the ground misses that stone in turn. a lingering mark of absence- "Gentle kisses in heavy rain".


philosphy {sic}

i only hate as much as i do because of the deep love i hold for a great many things
there is no truer hatred than the one born from dissapointment
i feel as though many misconstrue love as an exacting opposite of hate, rather than an inverse or reflection
and some, of course,
conflate it with mere dislike
(or love with mere desire)



juniper bushes/ a hawk cries from overhead/ bright and cloudless sky -- pale curve of the moon/ an autumn leaf drifts nearby/ see small birds in flight/ -- grasses sway briskly/ wind chimes ring out merrily/ summer storm ahead

_ _ _


either can be sharp

a sort of weight upon your back like wings- this is what the dust tastes like

-raspberry vinaigrette

I saw the pigeon again. Genuinely horrifying and disturbing.

Downright un-professional, but worth the risk. macerating, abrasion, remember to buy caulk, samples// TRUE LACK OF AMBITION

the implication of an audience is a powerful thing. to assert that sheer intent can be performative at its most basic level


an animal with its leg caught in a trap. born into an already dying world
aware, against its own will
hope, but not for it; "true love is possible/ only in the next world/ -for new people/ it is too late for us/ [...]"